Beechwood is made from good tree trunks, it’s characterized by its durability and flexibility in shaping, and it is also the most elegant, common type of wood. The hardest type of wood used in manufacturing furniture in beech, because its pores are very narrow and there are no knots in it. The beech is also distinguished by its ease of painting as it is light in color. There are many types of beech wood including American, Turkish, Russian, Romanian, and German. Beechwood is very luxurious compared to other types of woods; the most suitable climate for it is cultivation. Beechwood is preferred in manufacturing furniture that is subjected to pressure and requires durability for kitchens and all wooden decorations.


Today’s Oakwood designs run the gamut of wood products. This paneling element in a bathroom or a kitchen uses real wood that will hold up to spatters and spills. Another choice in bathrooms and other areas prone to moisture is oak wood, it is nonporous and easy to clean. Oakwood is a type of decorative paneling that is installed from the baseboard to several feet up the wall. It is a popular solution to add style not only to the bathroom but throughout the house as well! Commonly used for its visual results, Oakwood can also serve more purpose than decoration.

Chipboard wood

Chipboard wood, which is a super-hard wood product, an engineered product made of natural wood chips, subjected to a high temperature to obtain the right thickness and superior hardness, to obtain smooth panels to meet the specifications specified in the kitchens and different cabinets industries of superior quality and durability.

High-Density Fiberboard (HDF)

High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) is an engineered wood product composed of wood fiber extracted from chips, formed by glue under immense pressure and heat. When it comes to engineered wood even under severe fluctuations in temperature and humidity, it completely maintains the integrity of the finish. No warping or cracking is probably the biggest advantage to HDF over wood. HDF does not experience movement from expansion and contraction like traditional wood does, so there is no warping or cracking when you choose this material. Smooth Finish. HDF is made from very fine particles which means that there is no noticeable grain. This can be an advantage for your cabinet project, especially making it ideal for making kitchen, wardrobe, and wooden decorations in a flawless finish.


We provide all types of aluminum available in the market nowadays, and we are distinguished by offering our own aluminum fabrication with a thickness of 1.7 mm, which helps with the superior bladder against scratches and rust. The pure aluminum frame is machined, including hidden assembly corners. Aluminum is the secret of luxury!


Artificial-Marble (Surfatech-American Solid Surface Material) is made of high quality through hard panels and with special specifications for Surfatech products of Artificial-Marble, which is distinguished by its modern chemical composition for the environment and anti-bacterial according to the best international standards to ensure attractive-looking and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and non-absorption of liquids of all kinds. It is characterized by its high solidity, resistance to shocks, scratches, and cracks, ensuring the quality of sinks and boards with high thickness, in multiple shapes and all sizes.

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